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Can anyone identify his morph type for me?


Teeny tiny bab. I’m definitely thinking she’s okeetee at this point, she’s already put on a lot of color since I’ve had her. She also really likes eggcrates. 


Someone was behaving while in a taming session, so I snapped a picture of his head stamp.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate his colors because WOW he’s gonna be a stunner.


Which tiny bab’s doubled in size? This tiny bab! 


favorite pictures of my noodle

Frida the baby! Our first corn snake, very excited! 


A gravid (pregnant) corn snake will find a warm, hidden location to lay and abandon her eggs. After about 10 weeks, the baby snakes begin to hatch, using a specialized scale called an “egg tooth” to tear out of the leathery shell. After their first meal of egg yolk, the snakes must rely on hunting instincts to find their own food.

Images: Seth Hall (1, 2)


Hahahaha look how she’s sleeping


So stunning yes indeed kawaii snake. 

my snake is more photogenic than i am


I got into the Halloween spirit and took Sasha out for a shoot today! She’s the perfect snake for the season.


Did I mention that Tyler and I went to the San Antonio Expo? Whoops.

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