Look at what hatched yesterday at work! My new little squishy, Uno!


All (or as many of the babs I could fit into on photoset) of the babs for bullshit-bullsharks.

Bee, Godric, Rowena, Bumble, Lily, Newt, Luna, Hermann, Lucifer, and Patch are who were included in that order.


Bazooka the Corn Snake

Her kinks are still visible, but as she has grown they have become significantly smaller. I’m hoping one day she will not have them at all, but if she does I will love her all the same.


Freshly shed baby showing off his acrobatics. He’s so pretty now. Shiny red eyes.

He’s probably gonna fall down in a minute though, he’s really bad at knowing what he can and can’t climb. - right on cue! He fell down and is now scurrying away embarrassed.


gulp, squish, gulp, squish, gulp, thlpp 


"Ummm… excuse me, but… this is MY tiny log. You will have to find your own."


Whiskey telling me to screw off.


My Cinder Noodle <3 she’s a very curious snake as you can see!


  1. cosasystuff said:First Snake Spectre. The Citadel Council made the right choice


He may be young but he’s willing and able to ssssserve.

I will be headed out there tomorrow! It’s just a 5 minute drive from my house.

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