A bunch of pink corns inspired by BHB’s pink corn post.

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Olivia is pretty happy! She got to sit on some Easter eggs today!


Baby Ruby in Taylor’s hands 😁


Cooper’s first time outside this year. He definitely enjoyed some tree climbing :3


Ecthelion- male Candy Cane, from baby pics to 2 years. I only wish he had stayed red! D;


Snek only feels safe if you touch her.


Ever see a snake drink water then stare at you awkwardly?

Anonymous asked: is there any real difference between a male and female that first time buyers should be aware of? like behavior, size, lifespan, etc?

There isn’t too much of a difference. Adult females tend to be a bit larger. And males can occasionally fast/not eat during breeding season. But that’s about it! There’s no discernible difference in temperament.


ONE WEEK UNTIL EGGIES! Mama is in her pre-lay shed, and she’s fatfatfat with bright yellow babies.


excuse you?! who was fed yesterday by me? a little more respect young lady!


My first corn snake! He’s 3 months old and he’s very curious :) Not sure about the morph though, maybe you guys have an idea!

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