Shade and Ghost seeking heat together :) can’t wait to separate these two, be so much easier to feed, clean and generally care for them!


Rascal barely fits in his coconut now he’s around 170g. He has a bigger hide as well, but is attached to this one.


more peachy ^.^ ALL HAIL.


since he came home from the vet with a clean bill of health, i’m allowed to publicly shame him now. 

this poo-noodle peed in my bed and i had to sleep on the couch so the mattress could dry


chilling with my scaley buddy in the yard earlier


My new baby bubblegum corn snake 💕 Still trying to come up with a name 😊


Macro of our corn snake. He’s huge now!



Photographer, Andrew McGibbon

These images, then, are a result of my attempts to break down our suppositions of the animal. Photographed with warm light on bright colours, I am looking at their enchanting beauty and design, and their vulnerability, as creatures simply existing outside of the buckling pressure of the evil they are meant to represent.
As with all victims of an ‘othering’ process, the serpent deserves a second look,
beyond its slithering and dark hypnosis.


He didn’t get a meal last feeding day because he was shedding. Now he does this whenever we’re in the room.


Pretty much every time I look at Mordin I freak out about how incredibly cute he is. 


Ganta escaped about a month and a half ago and I thought I’d never see him again but my parents found him in a brush pile in the driveway!!! I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get back to Ohio to see him! I’ve missed him so much and I didn’t have the chance to say goodbye to him but he’a back and gets to be reunited with Shiro! ;u; This is like a fairy tale or something. Like I’m so happy and relieved and ahhh

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